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Re: Another Introduction

From:Garrett Jones <conlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 14, 2003, 7:09
> For my second conlang, Orjlynnb (something like > [o4"e:lin%na]), I have more practical goals. For one > thing, this is more of a personal language intended to > be actually learned (most likely only by me) and > spoken. Another goal has not been sufficiently > debugged for me to explain it coherently, so I won't > ramble on about it here. It is also an inflecting > language, and has a lot more control on phonology and > morphology than the proto-Mindakh. Hopefully Orjlynnb > will soon be advanced enough to participate in the > weekly vocabularies, relays, and so forth.
Hey cool, another person that will learn to speak their own language :~) I will do the same with Minyeva. I think a lot of people on this list may know their languages well enough to write them, but i don't know about speaking them fluently. I am curious about how many other people will learn to speak their languages fluently, and to have other people actually learn them and speak them back.
> That's probably enough for now. > > James >
-- Garrett Jones