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Another Introduction

From:James Worlton <jamesworlton@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 14, 2003, 2:03
--- Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...> wrote:
> Welcome! Now you hafta tell us about you and any > conlang of yours...
It's probably about time to officially introduce myself. I am an all-too-soon-to-be 32 year old male living in Denton, Texas USA (35 miles north of Dallas-Fort Worth)[1]. I have not been conlanging for very long (maybe 3 years), but I have been interested in languages for a long time. I have taken classes in German, French, and Russian, but I can't speak them. I had intensive Spanish training when I lived in Honduras and Belize for two years, so I can claim Spanish as my L2 although I don't use it much any more :(. Professionally, I ... well, no, none yet. I just successfully defended and submitted my doctoral dissertation (in music composition), but do not have "regular" employment yet. My idea is to be a professor of composition and theory somewhere. In the meantime I work at the University of North Texas (USA) library--a great job when interesting new books come my way to be processed. I have two conlanging projects to my name, both in relatively early stages of existence. The first, currently on hold, is a proto-language for a conplanet called Mindakh (["mI:ndax] I think). The original idea for it was to be an agglutinating language (a newbie conlanger's favorite :) ), but became more inflected as I worked on the grammar--no doubt due to my familiarity with Spanish. For my second conlang, Orêlynnâ (something like [o4"e:lin%na]), I have more practical goals. For one thing, this is more of a personal language intended to be actually learned (most likely only by me) and spoken. Another goal has not been sufficiently debugged for me to explain it coherently, so I won't ramble on about it here. It is also an inflecting language, and has a lot more control on phonology and morphology than the proto-Mindakh. Hopefully Orêlynnâ will soon be advanced enough to participate in the weekly vocabularies, relays, and so forth. That's probably enough for now. James [1] I am not a native Texan, and I don't really like it here either (no reflection on the Texans on the list or in general--Texans are typically a friendly bunch). I can't stand the climate or the boring flatness of the place. I grew up in Utah, where there actually are 4 seasons in a year, and mountains to add interest to the horizon (and to climb :)) ). ===== James Worlton ----------------- Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. -Unknown __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? The New Yahoo! Search - Faster. Easier. Bingo.


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