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Re: TECH: Problems with receiving messages

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 10, 2004, 13:36
Carsten Becker scripsit:

> Is it just me or do I (as a digest subscriber) receive the mails not sorted > by date anymore? For example, there is a thread started by Trebor Jung, > "Voice alterations and temporal dieccis problems" as you may have noticed. > Some of the responses I already read the day before yesterday, but the > original question was only in yesterday's digest. Why that?
I have no idea. Digesting is supposed to work strictly by date, but Listserv is hairy proprietary software, and it may well have mysterious bugs.
> The responses I wrote to some people short time before the new > managing was introduced and which - I strongly believe - *were* sent > to did not appear on the list - at least > not in one of the daily digests.
Unfortunately, email is not a reliable service, especially not at the present time with MyDoom cluttering up the world's mail servers.
> John Cowan set the limit to 5 messages/month what is not very likely.
No, no, 5 messages per 24-hour day (starting at 0500 Universal Time), not per month! And I am going to be re-evaluating this decision after more data is available. John Cowan, Lord of the Instrumentality of Conlang -- Do what you will, John Cowan this Life's a Fiction And is made up of Contradiction. --William Blake