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TECH: Problems with receiving messages

From:Carsten Becker <post@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 10, 2004, 12:53
Hi all,

Is it just me or do I (as a digest subscriber) receive the mails not sorted
by date anymore? For example, there is a thread started by Trebor Jung,
"Voice alterations and temporal dieccis problems" as you may have noticed.
Some of the responses I already read the day before yesterday, but the
original question was only in yesterday's digest. Why that?

The responses I wrote to some people short time before the new managing was
introduced and which - I strongly believe - *were* sent to did not appear on the list - at least not in one
of the daily digests. I said "I strongly believe" because I specially
checked the adresses the mails were sent to: several times already, I forgot
to change the to-adress. These responses did not come back as undelivered or
something because I sent them using the wrong account. Fortunately, those
answers were not that important, but it I feel a bit annoyed though. Where
have those messages gone?

It seems that unfortunately, I deleted the mail where is described what was
changed, but I remember having read that there is a monthly limit for
everyone. Now, I don't write here too often - I'm not a kind of a 'spammer'
like Trebor Jung, although I must admit his questions are often very
interesting - 'spammer' was not intended to be an offense, Trebor! So
because I don't write that many emails to the list, I don't feel guilty what
concerns being considered to be a spammer - except John Cowan set the limit
to 5 messages/month what is not very likely.

Thanks for explanation,
Carsten Becker



John Cowan <cowan@...>