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Re: Untranslated notes (was: Poll by Email No. 7)

From:Maarten van Beek <dungeonmaster@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 24, 2002, 6:33
> Van: John Cowan > Onderwerp: Re: Untranslated notes (was: Poll by Email No. 7) > > In the Netherlands, everyone learns English, French, and German, > and what is more, they actually learn them.
Well, if you want to get your high school diploma at VWO level, you have to, or you won't pass your final exam. And without your diploma, yuo will not so easily be admitted into university. That is why Dutch people in Dutch universities should be able to read at least two of english, french and german. Not because they couldn't be good scientists without the knowledge, but because they technically couldn't have ended up there without knowing them. Maarten