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Re: Basicas

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 15, 1999, 12:27 writes:
>My own "semantic primitive list" has 400. I've found fewer than 400 to be >too difficult to use: > > > >I looked at close to ten thousand words, over a period of 3+ years, to >come >up with this list. It's in the public domain -- anyone is free to use. >If >you want fewer, you can try and categorize these. For instance, you could >have only one word for "animal" instead of having words for dogs, cats, >pig, >sheep, cattle, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, tigers, etc. >
I really like your 400 primitives list. I think it will assist me in filling out the basic lexicon for Saalangal and Tilon Nevo. If course, some things will need to be changed for Saalangal (such as horse, since they don't have them on Daong Pelak :)). I also noticed you used the Proto-Dravidian word for fish (min). I like it :).