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Re: Non-human languages

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Friday, November 7, 2003, 13:50
--- Nokta Kanto <red5_2@...> wrote:
> I've wondered about, but never actually made, a > language for a > chameleon-like creature that can make patterns and > textures on its skin.
<snip> I did this with B-G-2-3 (Blue-Above-Green-Below) some years back. In appearance they are somewhat akin to the Horta of Star Trek fame, but they speak by varrying the color and pattern of their skin. I chose to write the language by assigning a one-letter code to each color and a one-number code to each pattern. There was some thing akin to onomotopoea in the color choices of some words others seem to be utterly random assignment. Unfortunately, etymology is a science that never developed among the B-G-2-3ese. Adam ===== Fached il prori ul pañeveju djul atexindu mutu chu. -- Carrajena proverb