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CHAT: Conlang/Concultural education was Re: CHAT: University Advice (was Re: A bit of advice)

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Saturday, September 9, 2000, 4:05
On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Yoon Ha Lee wrote:

>ObConLang: *education* in concultures/conlangs? Education in mine is >associated with the magistrates, who form the scholarly elite, in Qenar, >though the word for "knowledge" connotes more wisdom/enlightenment (in a >vaguely Zen-ish sense) than book-learning. Education in Qenar is a >privilege of the wealthy, and there "knowledge" connotes more >philosophy/ethics.
There is no educational system amongst the Talarians. Most Talarians are therefore illiterate (as far as Philosophers are concerned); but then again, the average Talarian who spends his entire life amongst herds of animals and out in the fresh air probably knows twice over what some two bit philosopher does about natural history, university degree not withstanding. There are wandering scholars, though, who generally start out as "keepers of Tradition". I suppose we'd call em bards or seanachies. Some are later trained by a temple to read and write and all the various subjects considered important by Educators. These people lead a wandering life teaching a little, reading and writing letters for people, reciting history and the like. Those that remain in the Capital tend to take positions as Government Clerks or minor clerics. Others enter the formal priesthood. The Eastern Romans on the other hand, are simply mad for education. The Empire sponsors local schools for youngsters, who learn to read and write; to cipher, conjugate, rhetorically elaborate, and all that jazz. Such schools are not compulsory, though, and are most often found only in larger towns and cities. They have universities as well, where one can take one of several degrees in just about any topic (except anything related to medicine). They have four degrees: the first three roughly correspond to the three you can get at *here*'s universities (librettos , magistras, & doctor); while the fourth is granted to a doctor in at least three different branches of knowledge (except medicine) and is called philosophas. They are often more full of themselves than any philosophy, but there you are. The most impressive university in the world is, of course, the great university at Alexandria in Africa. Certainly one of the jewels of the Western Empire. Having some 3.000.000 books at present, as well two dozen colleges (including medicine!), observatories, laboratories and ultra modern surgical theaters. [They have a rudimentary knowledge of asepsis, for example; and instruments that are a lot less related to those of the Torturer than in most other places in the world.] Most other doctors around the land snort and say "Bloody Egyptians!" Padraic.