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Re: Lojban program and conlang software ideas

From:Boudewijn Rempt <bsarempt@...>
Date:Sunday, May 7, 2000, 15:12
On Sat, 6 May 2000, Peter Clark wrote:

> Next order of business: has anyone considered starting up a Open > Source/Free Software (take your pick of terms) line of conlang software > and tools? How many programmers do we have on the list? I really wish that > a.) I had more time and b.) knew a decent programming language (I am still > teaching myself C in my officially non-existant free time), because I > would try to whip up something for others to work off of. I am aware of > Kura, Boudewijn's language database program/Shoebox replacement, but it > would be interesting to see a truly cross-platform set of tools be > developed. Here just a wee little wish list... > > o Random word generator - I have found several on the web, but aside from > o Dictionary program - something where the user could type in the word and > o Transformer (I can't think of a better name--it's getting late) - this > o Grammar generator - This would be incredibly cool if someone could > o Simulator - Since I am now officially dreaming, imagine a simulator >
Well, I'm not really interested in automating the creation of my languages - for me the joy is in creating words, rules and example sentences myself. However, serious parts of Kura are quite cross-platform. There's no reason why the Kura webserver couldn't be run on Windows - any version, and I'm considering converting the GUI to pure Qt, which is cross-platform, too (for those with deep pockets - but the Qt developers licence costs less than Windows 2000 + Microsoft Office + a decent graphics suite). But if you were to start writing autogeneration tools, you really need to consider Python - C is a language you learn for your curriculum vitae, not to be productive in. What I'd be interested in is a decent cross-language sound correspondences _analyzer_. i.e., a module that analyzes to lexicons for regular sound correspondences for semantically close lexemes. That would help Kura no end ;-). Boudewijn Rempt |