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imagining language(s)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Friday, May 5, 2000, 21:58
pclark wrote:

>>... imagine a simulator where the computer takes two or more languages and
builds a simulation of how they would change and interact with each other. How close would the computer come to Brethenig? What would have happened if Alexander the Great had conquered Japan and left a significant speakers of Greek (or Macedonian--is there a difference?) in Kyoto?<< running with pclark's idea: imagine if = 1. - the militantly democratic Greeks defeated the imperialistic Romans (& that Xenophanes & Heraclitus had more influence than Aristotle & Plato)... 2. - the Buddhist Empire of Asoka (India) never ended (but with "radical" Hindu ideas of socio-cultural pluralism very much in the vanguard)... 3. - & the Chinese retained their cosmopolitanism of the T'ang Dynasty (& that Taoism - rather than Confucianism - had more influence)! imagine that Sino-Greco-Asokan world instead of the arguably imperialistic EuroAmerican/Romanistic/JudeoChristian world we exist in. now imagine the global polyglot "pidgin" for that Sino-Greco-Asokan world... *brain-stunning* zHANg