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Re: CHAT High thoughts, anyone? (was: THEORY nouns and cases)

From:Mark P. Line <mark@...>
Date:Friday, April 30, 2004, 22:12
Ray Brown said:
>> More to the point: "What did Aristophanes _actually_ write?" > > Disappointingly no one has answered this. I did a Google search today and > found _plenty_ of examples of people quoting the saying and ascribing it > to Aristophanes' Frogs. Strangely, it seems to be a favorite quote in > computing literature (perhaps as an excuse for using jargon in what > follows).
From the online etext of the Harvard Classics (1909-14) English translation of Frogs, lines 1063-4: "Alas, poor witling, and can’t you see That for mighty thoughts and heroic aims, the words themselves must appropriate be?" It's Aeschylus talking. Since the English translation has been made to rhyme, _who knows_ what's really in the original. The location in the translation should help locate the passage in somebody's copy of the original, though (which I can't find offhand). The complete (English) etext is here: -- Mark