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From:Vonlia <vonlia@...>
Date:Saturday, April 5, 2003, 4:17
Hey, I am Vonlia.  I've been lurking for awhile, but haven't posted yet.
And here I go.  I am right handed, straight, no beard, and American.
I'm also male, 14 years old, and from the deep south.  I haven't done
much except playing with the idea ov conlanging, which I discovered
after I learned of Tolkien's languages, then I learned a bit about
Lojban, Esperanto, and now I'm here.  And I'm trying fairly hard to keep
up with all this, but an e-mail every 10 seconds is tough.

And to make this seem like a meaningful post, I shall ask:  How do you
go about learning that thing that represents sounds in // or [] or other
various things?  I've looked a bit and found some sort of thing that
seemed to represent sounds, but did it with untypables.

I also took a stab at creating a language a good while ago, and had an
interesting idea of adding numbers to the end of just about everything,
with a suffix before the number to tell what it means. Like:

"Cat[part of speech][1] brown[adjective][4] eat[part of speech[5]
fish[part of speech][2]"

All numbers go from 1-5.

So, cat would be the first part of speech (which probably isn't the
right term...), the 5 ones being subject, direct object, indirect
object, preposition, and verb.

Brown is an adjective (modifying what's behind it), the 4 meaning it
gets 4 stars out of 5 on its brownness.  On a brownness scale of 1-5, it
gets a 4.

Eat is the verb, fish is the direct object.

That's about as far as I got, and I even manage to have prepositions,
but no way to have an object of a preposition.  I'm good.

Also, is there perhapse an IRC channel where conlanging goes on?

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