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Re: TECH: info on ftp

From:Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 19, 2008, 14:45
FTP is just a way of moving files around the Internet, and you don't
have to download anything to use it.  But you do need a special place
to put the files; you can't just FTP to someone the way you'd send
them email.

You have a website, right?  How do you publish files there?  Seems
like you could use that to share your file - just upload it to your
website and send them the URL.  There are also other sites that offer
free space for sharing files, usually with a web page that lets you
upload things.  No FTP client required.

However, for future reference, if you're using Windows and want to
access an FTP site somewhere, you can use  Explorer (that's plain
Explorer the file browser, not Internet Explorer the web browser) and
just drag and drop files between it and your desktop or other
folders/windows just as if it were on your local hard drive:

1.  Click Start, select Run, and type "explorer" where "" is the
name of the FTP server you're trying to access on the Internet.

2. You'll need to supply your username and password.  However, if the
server allows anonymous access, it will just open up on the public
space by default; in that case you'll have to right-click somewhere in
the right part of the window and select "Login as..." to get to where
you can enter your username and password.

3. Drag and drop as desired.