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Re: TECH: info on ftp

From:David J. Peterson <dedalvs@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 19, 2008, 7:29
Who amongst y'all knows a lot about this?  I looked at the wikipedia
page and a couple websites and suspect it's beyond my capabilities.
And I'm disinclined to download some program just for a one-time use.

FTP is used to put stuff on the web.  An FTP program is used,
essentially, to manually maintain a website.  For example, my
FTP program makes the whole process look like folders on
my desktop.  It works like this:

That's my website.  Before I added anything to it, in my FTP
client, that opened up to a blank folder.  Then I started adding
stuff to it.  So, for example, you can add more folders, or files.
A file like links.html is a text file that then web browsers can
do something with, and you dial it up by adding "links.html"
to the above.  However, the files need not necessarily just be
.html.  If you throw up a .doc file, then, and dial it in, it will
give you that file--in that, you'll start downloading it.

This is how FTP can be used to transfer files.  So if you want
someone else to get a .doc file, but can't send it via e-mail,
you can always put it up on a webspace somewhere.  I bet
one of us (e.g., me) would put it up for you.  Then you could
send the url to your correspondent, and they could download

The file will be sent exactly as you composed it.  *However*,
if you used a special IPA font, the recipient has to have the
font installed, too.  If it's Unicode, hopefully it should work.

Another alternative is to use an instant messaging program
like AIM or Skype.  If both users are logged on at the same
time, you can send a file of any size in an instant message.
You'll both have to stay on until the transfer is complete, but
if it's only 1MB, that should only take a few seconds.

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-Jim Morrison