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Re: TECH: info on ftp

From:Eric Christopherson <rakko@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 19, 2008, 5:57
On Aug 18, 2008, at 10:45 PM, ROGER MILLS wrote:

> Who amongst y'all knows a lot about this?
About what? FTP in general?
> I looked at the wikipedia page and a couple websites and suspect > it's beyond my capabilities. And I'm disinclined to download some > program just for a one-time use. > > One site metioned that the files must be ASCII. Does that mean that > unicode (e.g. IPA) would not be transmitted correctly? Or does that > create another level of problems?
Binary (non-ASCII) files can be transmitted just fine with FTP. In older clients, you had to specifically invoke binary mode, because otherwise they would assume files transferred were text. (I'm not sure why the distinction was made, although I think FTP clients in text mode do automatically convert the newline characters to whatever's appropriate.) Newer ones I think default to binary.
> > The problem involves sending a large file, almost 1MB; even the > individual sections are too big to attach to email, and I have > fears about that procedure anyway.......... > > (There are alternatives)
Yes; you could use one of those file-hosting web sites. Some email providers allow bigger attachments than others, too. I thought most allowed at least 1MB nowadays, but I could be wrong.


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