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Re: TECH: Why this low-tech forum?

From:Mark P. Line <mark@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 4, 2004, 0:24
Gary Shannon said:
> One big advantage of the bbs format is that there need > not be any daily posting limits because your mailbox > will never get flooded with hundreds of messages on > topics you're not interested in. You pick the topics > you wish to participate in without the overhead of > downloading the hundreds of others that you are not > interested in. This makes the bbs approach much more > efficient for dial-up users since it doesn't waste so > much bandwidth of unwanted stuff.
We could start thinking about a compromise, perhaps. I have phpBB installed on two of my websites (mostly for structured weblogs, and I haven't started to populate them yet), and I could put a Conlang category on one of them. Then, if a discussion topic happens to arise on this list that is challenging everybody's posting limits, then a forum or thread could be created on the BBS to provide a little elbow room. Just an idea. I *don't* want to create a venue that would compete directly with this list, only one that would complement it. -- Mark