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Re: TECH: Why this low-tech forum?

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Monday, May 3, 2004, 20:41
--- Roberto Suarez Soto <ask4it@...> wrote:
> <delurk> > > On May/03/2004, Felix Ahlner wrote: > > > been any talks about a "real" list like phpBB or > such? > > Something that pretends to replace a mailing list > but you can > only use from a web browser is not "real", IMHO. I > don't know what mail > program you use, but I'm *far* more comfortable > using mine that having > to point-and-click my way through the list :-) > > </delurk> > > -- > Roberto Suarez Soto
Personally, I'd be much more comfortable if this mailing list were impressed on clay tablets, baked, and delivered quarterly by ox cart. On the other hand, BBS forums have the huge advantage of being able to segregate everything into specific categories and topics. In truth, as I'm sure I said once several years ago, I'd MUCH rather this were a BBS forum than this stone-age mailing list format. But alas, there are always those who, like Mark Twain, are in favor of progress but uncomfortable with change. --gary


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