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Moghul conlang

From:Rodlox R <rodlox@...>
Date:Monday, June 20, 2005, 18:23
hello.   I've been working
lately on a conlang for my part of the IB world...the Moghul Realm (unless
someone's grabbed it - if so, no worries)

using copy&paste here, to bring the website into this format as best I can.
(sorry its not better)

This language is a conlanguage, and thus is not real. I am using the
phonemes and a few of the language rules of a few Iranian/Persian languages,
but am deriving original words from them.

References for the phonemes and a few language rules:
"Punjabi-English English-Punjabi Dictionary" by Dr. K.K. Goswami.
"Urdu: Dictionary And Phrasebook" by Nicholas Awde.
"Lonely Planet: Farsi (Persian) Phrasebook: The Language of Iran"

To avoid any confusion, I'll explain here and now what some of the perhaps
odd-looking letters represent, since I only know the English alphabet when
it comes to text-only formats.

e= and a= are e and a with a line over the vowel.

d. and r.are those consonants with a . beneath them.

n. is n with a . overtop of it.
' is an apostrophe...though it may be used as an 'ayn.
" is a glottal the Cockney bo"le.

Plural Forms
__ pair three four five and more
-t -te thhe te=  t.e
-d, -dh  ___  da, dha  de=, dhe=
-d.  d.a  d.ha  d.a'  d.a=
n  na  nhe  ne  na=
n.  n.e  n.he  n.e'  n.e=
verbs  -ob  -obt  -obh  -ob.n
guess  -ah  -ah  -ahn  -ahn
negation  e=x-  e=xa=-  e=xa=-  e=xa=-

"group of..."  swe, swen-(both)  sun  sut  su'a, sua

saying "Welcome"
greeting [inclusive] | greeting [non-inclusive]
chey | shey

greeting [for duration of stay] | greeting [other]
mera'chey, mera'shey      |

And then there are the words derived from pre-existing languages...

Name / Word  in Moghul "from...(s)" in Moghul
Turk  Turq  from Turks Tur.q
Bahasa  Bahas  from Bahasa  Bahas'
Merbaha (hello) Marhaba=

And now, for some interlinears:
wing has[2]bird
bird is greater part of wing
wings[pair] has[2]bird
bird has two wings
Na’at ibv-(a=)n.ate
Glider is-wings
The glider is wings
d.ha=q suuv(a)1812 a=f-na’ate
invent(ed)-in-1812 is/was-gliders
A=f prefix’s time is determined by sentence context, not by its attached
E=x-n.ate ond.-Kiwi
No-wings has[2]Kiwi
Kiwis have no wings
Ok.t swen-Tim swen-Jim a=f-am-ichar
And both[of a pair]Tim both[of a pair]Jim is-was-being-done-hike
Jim and Tim are [both] hiking
Ok.t swe-Daisy swe-Jim a=f-(am)-swe
Daisy and Jim are married
Chey ’ven
Welcome[inclusive into-family
Welcome to the family
The ’ role is largely determined by the preceeding words.
Mera’shey ’(a)ghaf-aw
Welcome[non-inclusive] into-house-mine
Welcome to my house
Sevas r.ha=n
Child how-like/typical-of
How like a child, typical [of] child (usually refers to behavior)
Flower from [the]Turks
Fruit from [the] Bahasa