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Lyanjen verbs, Quebec City

From:Matt M. <matt_mcl@...>
Date:Thursday, April 19, 2001, 16:31
> > Lyanjen: > > ia +r teuc +ar na -n > > I +ag love +1pSgPrInd you +pat
> Why do your agentive languages assign the agent slot to `I' in this
> sentence? I saw another one:
My cases work like this: NOM + intransitive verb: Na moiabar. "You(nom) are-beautiful." AGT + transitive verb + PAT: Iar teucar nan. "I(agt) love you(pat)." AGT + transitive verb taken as intransitive: Iar teuca. "I(agt) love" = I'm in love. PAT + passive verb: Nan teucer. "You(pat) are-loved"; this is a subject-fronted form of the more strongly passive Teucer nan, "(someone) loves you(pat)". --- Now let's look at place verbs (my favourite in Lyanjen), using the verb "aubz" (to be down/under, to move down/under.) NOM + verb of place: Iañe aubzi terekit. "The glass(nom) sat-under the table(loc)." AGT + verb of place + PAT: Bédior aubzi iañen. "The king(agt) lowered the glass(pat)". PAT + verb of place: Iañen aubzi. "The glass(pat) dropped/sank/fell/moved-down." BY THE WAY, is anyone here going to the Quebec City protests? Matt McLauchlin Montreal, Quebec, Canada English/français/esperanto/español "There is a surplus of democracy in the world which is interfering with the free movement of capital and investment." - Renato Ruggiero, former director-general of the WTO