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From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Thursday, April 19, 2001, 16:28

Here is a small translation of a dialogue into Nakiltipkaspimak.
This translation exercise was done on Conlangs_in_use a while
ago. The fun part is that I've recorded it as a Real Audio-file
and put it on my website as an example of how Pimak sounds. The
address is:

It's only 68K, plus you get to hear me trying to impersonate
two of the Nakiltipkas. No, I mean, you can hear my two
consultants Asinu and Liyisu... :)

Asinu:  Titusulkiwpaxumnik!
Liyisu: Misin paxumwayumxa.
Asinu:  Milimpulaktasin yanuxut.
Liyisu: Aaa! Milimwayumxa, axu?

( I should say that <x> is pronounced [x] before [i] and
  [G] before [a] and [u]. )

ti -tusul-kiw-paxum-nik
2SG-tree -DIM-see  -IMP
'Look at the small tree!'

Mis-in  0  -paxum-wa  -yum  -xa
'I see it!'

milim    -pulak-tasin    yanux-ut
beautiful-red  -bird:ABS top  -LOC
'A beautiful red bird is in the top.'

Aaa! 0  -milim    -wa  -yum  -xa   axu?
Ah!  3SG-beautiful-PRES-IMPFV-DIR  isn't_it?
'Ah! It's beautiful, isn't it?'

DIM = diminutive
IMP = imperative
IMPFV = imperfective
DIR = direct evidence

||| daniel

<> Kattawiknik pimaktasal! <> <>
<>      Katsayuknik pimak! <> <>


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