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more help, this time on sound change

From:The RipperDoc <ripperdoc@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 8, 2002, 14:52
I've downloaded the promising sound change program from, and
I've come up with enough rules to form my second conlang (closely related).
It's a simple thing to apply the sound changes on my regular word list
(about 500 words), but I wonder if I should do the sound change with
inflected words? Isn't that what makes grammar irregular, that sound change
affects some inflections but not all? Am I supposed to inflect _all_ words?
I also have an other problem with the sound change, but I guess you can't
help me on that. The problem is that most of my words doesn't change at all,
but some words are affected by lots of rules and therefore change quite
much. Is that a realistic approach, that some sounds change but others



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