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Re: Conlangs in the press!

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Friday, February 20, 2004, 8:24
--- Jeffrey Henning skrzypszy:

> The article itself isn't online, but at least you can see the cover of the > magazine and the table of contents.
Indeed. But as promised, I'll translate it, and then upload it in... let me see, the files section of Romanceconlang, which I will then make publicly accessible?
> The magazine has a circulation of 96,000.
Really? Where did you get that information? Well, a most comforting thought: thousands of dead fish are being wrapped in our stuff this month! ;)) --- J Y S Czhang skrzypszy:
> What's with Poles, languages and a "pro-conlang attitude" o_0?
I don't know. Perhaps a certain fondness for curiosities? With the average Pole, something unknown and not understood will evoke curiosity rather than disgust. In the case of Wenedyk I'm not really surprised, though. In many ways, Wenedyk is a calque of Polish, and the RTC is a calque of Poland. Well, not really a calque, but definitely a reflection. And I'm sure many people like to reflect on how life would have been better if... for example the Polish- Lithuanian commonwealth had survive (when Poland was greater and better). Besides, let's not rub out the Polish taste for political satire.
> You'd think the Swiss would be more like this...
Or the Czechs. To quote from Prof. Tilman Berger's article about Slavic conlangs: "... aber die Ballung im tschechisch-slowakischen Bereich ist trotzdem auffällig und könnte mit dem von Macura (1983) beschriebenen "Linguozentrismus" der tschechischen Kultur zusammenhängen."
> AFAIK the Dutch are pretty close to having a "pro-conlang attitude" ;)
I don't know. I'd rather say that they do not have an "anti-conlang attitude". It's rather like: "You do whát? Well, I don't understand you and I can't see the point of what you're doing, but after all that's your problem, not mine. So go ahead with it, but please do it out of my sight!" Jan