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Re: OT: [Let_It_Be_Forever_Islam] THE WORLD OF THE JINN

From:Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...>
Date:Saturday, October 18, 2003, 3:33
--- J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...> wrote:

> Nowadays, use of the words "Oriental" and > "[the] Orient" smacks/smells of > exoticism and "Orientalism" - European > conceptions and misconceptions of Asia > and Asians. It also creates the false dichotomy > of "Orient" and "Occident."
Naturally! Plus it's illogical - China being the Middle Country, it only stands to reason that we (Americans and Europeans) are the Orientals! ;))) Padraic. ===== - Nos côsez yen fin xristianós et trancouil - Côsez-el a Ddon! -- Ill Bethisad -- <> Come visit The World! -- <> .


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