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Re: OT: [Let_It_Be_Forever_Islam] THE WORLD OF THE JINN

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Friday, October 17, 2003, 16:55
On 17 Oct 2003 at 12:11, Andreas Johansson wrote:

> Quoting Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>: > > > In fact, one could argue that there is a stronger case for > > classifying people by race than there is on the basis of gender. > > I find this somewhat amusing, since undoubtly the _practical_ consequences of > your biological sex/gender is greater than those of your race.
Oh, undoubtedly. I was arguing against the "no such thing as race" stance, and perhaps had to go a little "out there" to do so in a quick and effective way. Paul