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Re: OT: [Let_It_Be_Forever_Islam] THE WORLD OF THE JINN

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 14, 2003, 13:27
At 08:44 14/10/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Wesley Parish scripsit: > > > The World of the Jinn > >I read this with increasing interest, despite its length and turgid >prose style, until I came to this stinger in the tail: > > > Making the Statue of Liberty disappear, flying > > across the Grand Canyon and retrieving a ship from the Bermuda Triangle[7], > > have all been done by the Jewish magician David Copperfield. There is > NO way > > that a man could do such things without the assistance of the Jinn. It > would > > not be surprising therefore, if David Copperfield had sold his soul to > Iblis > > himself. > >Can we please do without this Antisemitic (not to mention anti-magician) >garbage? D.C.'s effects are extremely well-known in the field, and he >isn't doing anything a close-up magician can't do -- it's just the scale >that's different. ("Quantity has a quality all its own.")
There was a fair bit of anti-Christian stuff in there as well. The phenomenon of glossolalia is more likely due to autosuggestion than possession. It bears no resemblance to the biblical gift of tongues, which allows the speaker to be understood by anybody who might hear him. Pete


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