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Re: more *SPECIFIC* Questions

From:Raymond A. Brown <raybrown@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 20, 1998, 6:00
At 3:36 pm -0500 19/10/98, Hello Corey wrote:
>Okay, I have just a few more specific questions for you brilliant-minded >peoples. > >Can you supply me with an example of ANY of the following: >Volapu"k *
VOH-lah-pu"k where u" is the high rounded front vowel (French 'u').
>Esperanto * Es-peh-RAHN-toh >Ido * EE-doh
Phonetics approximate :)
>Speedwords >IALA Interlingua >Loglan >Lojban >La'adan * Not sure about that one :) >Klingon
>And the ones with *s, how to PRONOUNCE them? See above.
If you have a decent web-browser you should fairly easily find quite a bit of info on all these languages, except La'adan whose presence on the web seems very meagre.
>Also, what differences, if any, of CONLANG, AUXLANG, ARTLANG or are they >all the same?
CONLANG means any constructed language, or on this list more often a 'being-constructed' language. AUXLANG means any language used as an auxiliary between different groups of speakers; it may be a natlang, e.g. English, Swahili, Latin, Koine Greek etc, or a conlang like Volapu"k or Esperanto. An ARTLANG is a conlang constructed as a 'work of art', so to speak, like Tolkien's Quenya & Sindarin. Ray.