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R: Re: English notation

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Sunday, July 1, 2001, 20:55
BP wrote:

> At 20:41 2001-06-29 +0000, Raymond Brown wrote: > > >IMHO the only successful way for a wholesale reform of English (rather
> >regularizing present spelling) is to adopt a _phonemic_ approach which > >accommodates all mainstream varieties of English. > > And that is what I'm attempting!
From Rosenfelder's site ( <<Ideally you shouldn't have to worry about my dialect at all: you could simply take (say) ê to represent whatever you pronounce as the vowel in met. Unfortunately, English dialects are not uniform enough to share a single phonology. There are many words that are not only pronounced differently in different dialects-- that is, they have a distinct phonetic realization-- but also have their own phonemic representation. Some examples: 1. GA is rhotic-- we pronounce the post-vocalic r's-- while other important dialects are not, notably the British standard, RP. 2. I distinguish cot and caught, Don and Dawn; these vowels (ô, ò) merge in the US West. 3. On the other hand, I merge the vowel sounds in Mary, merry, and marry, which are distinguished in Eastern US dialects and in RP. 4. I pronounce wand wh the same.
So, what to do with these, for intance? Luca