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musical language (was: Re: Poetique)

From:Estel Telcontar <estel_telcontar@...>
Date:Saturday, January 3, 2004, 16:43
Ray Brown ha tera a:

> Christophe Grandsire wrote:
> > En réponse à Ray Brown : > [snip]
> > > There are some conlangs that offer possibilities that are not > > > normally found in natlangs, e.g. SolreSol, which has music built > > > into it,
> > Actually, since the rules of SolReSol oblige you to pause after
> > word, I'm not sure it is that well-suited to poetry. It doesn't > > sound *that* nice actually :)) .
> I hadn't realized you had to keep pausing - 'twould indeed make for > strange rhythms. So it doesn't sound very nice. Every so often I
toy > with the idea of a 'musical conlang'. It should be possible
> to come up with something that doesn't need all those pesky pauses.
> think one should include morae as well as different pitches - um, > something to do when I retire ;)
I too keep toying with the aidea of a 'myusical conlang'. Ive developt the basics of a phonology for it - cant remember at the moment wether Ive postid them to the list befor or not. Ah yes, found it: The basics: - western 7-note scale; - relativ pitch matterz, not absolute pitch; - a beat is the eqwivalent of a sillable; - there can be up to 4 notes in a beat, and their relativ lengths within the beat dont matter. ===== I'm revolting agenst standerd Inglish spelling. Odd spellings ar probly intentional. ______________________________________________________________________ Post your free ad now!