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Re: Conlang book

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Thursday, March 29, 2001, 19:32
MGreen wrote:
>The information I need, which should be fairly easy to provide, is: > >1. Name of conlang
>2. Name of conlanger
Andreas Johansson
>3. Sample sentence with interlinearization/translation (optional)
I assume two sentences are okay? ;-) Theist férei es kendz, ne speikei ez arshaiks. Dau tan graif sens kenener. Somewhat free translation: Hope betrays the heart, and clouds the mind. Yet we need it to live. Interlineal: Theist férei es kendz Hope[nom] betray[present] the emotions[acc] ne speikei ez arshaiks and darken[present] the intellect[acc] Dau tan graif sens kenener Yet we[nom] need[present] it[acc] live[infinitive][dat] Notes: _Kend_, acc _kendz_, is a collecitve sg meaning a persons feelings as a whole, translated "heart" in the symbolic sense above. The definite article _ez_ becomes _es_ before an unvoiced consonant. Similarly, the acc ending _-s_ becomes _-z_ after a voiced stop. The Tairezazh infinitive is inflected for case just like nouns, thence _ken-en-er_ from _ken_ "live", where _-(e)n_ is the infinitive ending and _-(e)r_ the dative.
>4. Web page URLs, e-mail addresses, book titles, or other sources of >further >information (optional)
Sorry, no stuff on the 'net (yet). 5. A short (no more than about 5 sentences) description/explanation of the language (e.g. reasons for its creation, associated concultures, etc.) We-ell, it started out as a means to form believeable names for my SF con-universe. It, perhaps not so surprizingly, eventually took on a life of it's own and acquired grammar, syntax etc in addition to the phonology. Speaking of which, Tairezazh's phonology includes lots of fricatives and africates, the usual six stops, /n/ and /m/ (the later only occuring initially) and a fairly simple vocalic system. Consonant clusters are quite common, and sometimes get quite long (eg _ranzdz_ "tunnel[acc]"). Andreas _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at