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Re: Tense on Nouns

From:Aidan Grey <taalenmaple@...>
Date:Friday, February 16, 2007, 17:35
I didn't follow the time-travel thread really, but my lang Taalen does something like this:

adan /'a.dn_0/: people
Adanne /@.'dan.nE/: (adan + past marker -ne) Ancestors
adarra /@.'dar.r@/: (adan + future marker -ra) descendants (archaic)

"Nouns" can be verbs in Taalen too.

tal /tal/: tree; there is a tree
adalle /@.'dal.lE/: (3an PAT + tal + past -ne): there was a tree, there were trees


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From: Brian B <caol.kailash@...>
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 9:42:45 AM
Subject: Tense on Nouns

I was reading the discussion on Time Travel and Grammar and came up
with an idea that I thought I'd share/bounce off everyone: What if the
tense was attached to the noun instead of the verb? So that it'd look
something like this:

I-(present)-(agent) type-(action) email-(present)-(direct object).

And potentially, I guess you could have different tenses for different
nouns in the sentence.

I-(present)-(agent) see-(action) him-(past)-(direct object).

And maybe with the last example, also have a thing denoting on the
noun the day it was seen, like him-(past)-(yesterday)-(direct object).

I assume this has been done/is done somewhere and would like
suggestions for further examples of implementation.

Peace and Light,

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