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Re: Tense on Nouns

From:Brian B <caol.kailash@...>
Date:Friday, February 16, 2007, 16:52
I was reading the discussion on Time Travel and Grammar and came up
with an idea that I thought I'd share/bounce off everyone: What if the
tense was attached to the noun instead of the verb? So that it'd look
something like this:

I-(present)-(agent) type-(action) email-(present)-(direct object).

And potentially, I guess you could have different tenses for different
nouns in the sentence.

I-(present)-(agent) see-(action) him-(past)-(direct object).

And maybe with the last example, also have a thing denoting on the
noun the day it was seen, like him-(past)-(yesterday)-(direct object).

I assume this has been done/is done somewhere and would like
suggestions for further examples of implementation.

Peace and Light,

"Speak the truth. Practice virtue. Do not neglect to study every day. Do not
neglect truth, virtue, studying or teaching.... Be one to whom your mother
is a god...your teacher is a god, a guest is like a god.... Give with
faith...give liberally, give with modesty...give with sympathy.... This is
the command. This is the teaching. This is the secret of the Veda...."
(Taittiriya Upanishad i.11.1-6)


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