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CHAT (Re: Bye)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, April 4, 2002, 4:10
Bob Greenwade wrote:

>At 11:45 PM 3/23/02 -0500, Padraic Brown wrote: >>Well, I've never gotten any substantive feedback for any of my >>posted languages either. [Generally no more than "cool language", >>etc.; but then, what more should I expect?] I've learned not to >>expect any because I don't expect people here to drop everything >>and immerse themselves in my languages. >> >>How do you (or anyone here) expect any truly meaningful feedback >>from what's posted in a couple messages and from people who have >>not learned the language? > > I've had some success from posting one or two linguistic features at a >time and inviting discussion thereof. It's a lot easier to digest those >smaller bites. :-]
Although I'm sure it's not the case with anyone here w.r.t. the originating complainant, I've been reminded throughout this thread of an wicked greeting card I once collected (sometimes they're too good to send): Cover: sad faced cartoon character, with caption: "Gee, I'm sorry I haven't written...." Inside: "...but I forgot about you." And with that, I suspect, end of thread. Weak ObConlang: If anyone has slogged through my Kash syntax (ahem), they will have learned that the verbs "remember"and "forget" take their objects either in the genitive or dative(human)/accusative(non-human) depending on whether it's long-term memory/total forgetting or merely momentary: Genitive: "I still remember the day we met", "Stella has forgotten that lout, Stanley" Accusative: (Teacher to student) "Did you remember [to bring] your book?", "Sorry, I forgot the wine" Dative (human obj.) "Oops, I forgot [to invite] him."