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Pigdin langs?

From:Elliott Belser <renyard@...>
Date:Thursday, April 4, 2002, 4:31
Hmmn... something minor, but still.  I'm doing a report on Black
(that is, African-American) English and how it relates to African
languages and Portugese.  It occurred to me that learning about
pidgins would help me craft some for the Ng'anda'u trying to learn
English...  so that Kiras' speech in one of my stories:

        "I've reached out rapport to you enough times to know you'd
never mean that as an insult."

Would actually, based on Ng'anda'u syntax being applied to English,
turn out like this:

        "I rapportate you suffice time I know no you mean is insult."

Another example of this, based on the fact that the subjuntive mood
is used in Ng'and'ana:

        "Come now, Isaac.  You should have seen my pawprints all over this."
        "Maythink, Isakh!  You mayseen me pawmark on this."

Has anyone else here tried to make a pidgin version of a language?  I
just bring this up because it's very interesting.  The Ng'anda are a
race of slaves anyway...

All your bases are belong to us!



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