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Carrajena in use!

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Monday, April 7, 2003, 10:32
I'm on cloud nine right now. Yesterday morning my best friend called my and we
talked for about an hour. He asked me what I'd been doing and I mentioned that
I'd been spending a lot of time working on Carrajena lately. He sounded mildly
interested (only mildly mind you). He wanted my new email address so I wrote
him an email that afternoon. I decided to write it in Carrajena with an
interlinear in English (since I didn't feel like trying to do the interlinear
in Cantonese). This morning when I checked my email he had written back in
(mangled but readable) Carrajena!!

I recieved an email in my own conlang!  That is just the neatest!



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