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Re: Emphatics

From:P. M. ARKTAYG <pmva@...>
Date:Thursday, December 30, 1999, 0:10
BP Jonsson wrote:

> [...] > >AFAIK, Arabic emphatic consonants are velarized and lateralized. > > IIRC Arabic emphatic consonants are realized as velarized OR lateralized OR > pharyngealized, depending on variety -- tho it occurs to me that the > ephatic lateral in the word _Allah_ must be something other than lateralized!
AFAIK :-), the emphatic _l_ occurs ONLY in the word _Allah_ and ONLY in some situations. There are the letters for emphatic _t_, _d_, _s_, _z_ (or _D_) but no letter for emphatic _l_. Besides I meant Classical Arabic.
> The etymologically equivalent sounds in Amharic (Ethiopia) and in at least > some modern Aramaic varieties (Syria, Turkey, Iran) are ejective. > According to Roman Jakobson the common factor of all "emphatic" articulations > in Semitic languages is greater acoustic "gravity" than for the corresponding > "plain" sounds.
Tell me a few words about this "gravity", svp. -- \ / P. M. ARKTAYG X / \ WHITE RIBBON \_/ campaign against coloured e-mails