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META: Unicode rules / test

From:maikxlx <maikxlx@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 3:33
Apologies if this has been already asked, but what are the rules for using
Unicode on the CONLANG list?  I couldn't find any guidelines via Google.
Here are a few symbols I may like to use if they display properly on the
CONLANG archives:

vowels with grave: à è ò ì ù
vowels with circumflex: â ê î ô û
logical symbols: ∈ (element of = rounded E), ∀("for all" = upside-down A),
∃("there exists" = upside-down E), → ("implies" = right arrow), ∧ ("and" =
inverted V), ∨("or" = V ), ¬ ("not" = hooked dash), □ ("necessarily" =
square), ⋄ ("possibly" = diamond),  λ (lowercase lambda)


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