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Troy's language Re: My Apologies ...Mysterious sounds (was: Hebrew?)

From:Rodlox <rodlox@...>
Date:Sunday, October 3, 2004, 20:22
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From: Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
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Sent: Sunday, October 03, 2004 7:07 PM
Subject: Re: My Apologies about Mysterious sounds (was: Hebrew?)

> On Saturday, October 2, 2004, at 08:27 , Rodlox wrote:
> > I didn't know that...hence my asking based upon an error. > > sorry. > > 's OK - the only way to find out is to ask. I'm sorry if some of my > responses seemed harsh;
they weren't harsh...after a while, I sat back and let experts (read: people not me) hash the matter out. then I reiterated my apologies.
> I was trying to work out why you asked the > question the way you did. We got there in end, I think :)
this is not the end.
> I'll ponder on that and mail you some suggestions.
no hurry.
> [snip] > >> English /i'ni&s/), who was supposed to be a survivor from Troy > > > > ...probably part of why I thought it was Greek. > > But the nasty Greeks sacked Troy
so...what language did the people of Troy speak? something more like the Hittite/Luwian languages? *curious*


Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>