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10 commandments from CONLANG Digest - 21 Mar 2003 to 22 Mar 2003 (#2003-82)

From:J. K. Hoffman <ryumaou@...>
Date:Sunday, March 23, 2003, 14:33
First of all, this is neat.  I really like the whole concept of
translating religious ideas into conlangs.  But, then, I'm one of those
that likes to think of language and culture together.
I thought it was interesting that you thought being truthful included
not committing adultery or stealing.  There are plenty of cultures where
that would not be the case.  I remember a culture in South America, if I
recall, where adultery as we think of it in the Western world is the
norm.  So, no one "lies" about it, per se.  In fact, *jealousy* was a
rather significant social crime.  (Hmm, maybe that falls under
"coveting". ^_^)
Has anyone given any thought to other social taboos?  What would qualify
as an insult in your conlang?  (i.e. The Alien Nation "Your mother mates
out of season"? or something similar?)  How are social taboos discussed?

Neat stuff!

> Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 12:12:09 -0500 > From: Shreyas Sampat <ssampat@...> > Subject: Re: 10 commandments > > The Seinundjei-reinterpreted Commandments: (in ascii-friendly > orthography) > There are only seven because three got subsumed under 6 and I ignored > the Sabbath one. > > 1. > Siin Dhueg thaane. > One God be-1s > /si:n Dujg Ta:ne/ > I am the One God. > > 2. > Uun thaane Dhueg leinkinisj. > NEG be-1s God idol > /u:n Dujg le:N.kinis`/ > God is not in an idol. > > 3. > Uensj velehar Nein Hayath zjullo thiinjesj. > NEG-FUT-IRR walk-3s I-GEN Name dirt-VOC path-EPH-ESS > /ujn`s` velehar ne:n hajaT z`ul.lo Ti:nes`/ > My Name will not be spoken vulgarly. (idiomatic) > > 4. > Leines Dhaatje Maatjes thaach fisjpenu. > your-pl father mother-COM be-3p honourable > /le:nes Da:t`e ma:t`es Ta:S fis`penu/ > Your Father and Mother are to be honoured. > > 5. > Uun baadi dheinnjesein. > NEG kill-IMP tongue-EPH-ACCpl > /u:n ba:di De:n`.n`ese:n/ > Do not kill a speaking being. > > 6. > Inhak thae solof. > PROG be-ACC true > /iJak Taj solof/ > Be continually truthful. > > 7. > Inhak theisi lei lein. > PROG purify-ACC you-NOM you-ACC > /iJak Te:si le: le:n/ > Be continually pure. :: Continually purify yourself. > > > Note: in indirect discourse, several of thee take different forms: > > Iinu theirre ulujhul uunhensj kiinja nein hayath veleh zjullo thiinensj. > "The sparrow said that its name will not be spoken vulgarly." > > --- > Shreyas Sampat > > ------------------------------