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Second report on Koni'

From:daniel andreasson <danielandreasson@...>
Date:Sunday, March 23, 2003, 13:02
Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions on Koni'. Especially
to Teoh. Jessica sends her best regards to you all.

Koní is spelt with a "k" these days, due to some changes in the
orthography. |k| is [k] and |c| has changed to [tS].

I've created a pdf-file so you can view the results so far.
The link is at

Native Koni' spelling avoids digraphs entirely. However, this
doesn't work at all in e-mail, so there is an ASCII-transcription
scheme as well.

And the ' in Koni' seems a bit redundant, since I'm sure
most people know by now that it's the "i" that is stressed.
Otherwise, ' marks irregular stress.

For you who won't check out the pdf-file, I can inform you
that [}] is written with Greek small omega (just like Ebisedian,
btw. :)  Prepalatalization is marked by dieresis, and irregular
stress plus prepalatalization is marked with double acutes.

If anyone wants to comment on the very odd aspirated labiodental
voiceless fricative [f_h], you're more than welcome. :)

Daniel Andreasson


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