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My FINAL decision on Tech script

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Monday, June 10, 2002, 7:20
Okay, I have made the following choices on script for Tech, and I'll get a
webpage up for it SOON. I'm in a good mood to get some work done now!

Old and Classical Tech: a North Semitic script, like Phoenician (or Old
Hebrew), which I had posted on my homepage
( I probably won't actually have an Old
Tech conlang up and working; it's more a stage in development of the modern
dialects, which I'm more concerned with.

Medieval and Modern Tech: Arabic (Muslims, also followers of the traditional
Elven religion), Syriac (Christians -- usually of the Syriac Orthodox or
Catholic sort; some Buddhists), Hebrew (Jews).

The Tech (Arabic) abjad has, currently, about 40 letters: the 28 found in
Arabic and a dozen-odd additional consonant letters (like /b/ with three
dots below for /p/, /tS/ with three dots below for /dZ/, etc. -- some of
these are found in Farsi, Urdu, old Malay etc.)

The Syriac script is different, based a lot on Garshuni (Arabic when written
in Syriac) conventions as well as those used for modern Aramaic dialects
like Turoyo.