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Kros Sam-loivjarhe yuu Cohmpuun Fuec slothate

From:Rik <rik@...>
Date:Saturday, August 23, 2003, 13:37
Well, the story of Big Man Sam's journey to the roof of the world is now
complete, and can be found on my website at:

At over 170 clauses, it is by far the longest text written in Gevey. The
website includes a full interlinear cross-referenced with the text, and a pdf
document of the story in the native Gevey script (with pictures).

Composing the story has had it's problems, as I had to stop and review a
number of times: firstly to completely overhaul the modifier system, then to
re-invent the Gevey numbering system. Aargh! But at least now I *know* the
language works exactly as I intended it to work.

I won't post the whole story here (for the sake of people's bandwidths), but
here follow the first 5 paragraphs of the story.

Rik, knee deep

Kros Sam-loivjarhe yuu Cohmpuun Fuec slothate

Shlepiete yuu pololhg deth yuu huuw shizglaa sede sekanti. Laes fuhstuush
ta'sedue thuzdendou, pits numpuush suun al pouzluush suuñ gvedue, edest
sastrhuush yuuzh bray sedue nuwanti khuulman. Pits oe'heelezh di'gratee:
montse iscuu rhabgied zhej jozgesh namawizhezh vde fosal ok trhadotee; edezd
ashaathuu ghep uzetsthuzduush seduu zvejanti tots siy.

Al yesh shlepietadh boh seduu zvejanti rha pretateh pletuu telaa.
Sam-loivjarhe doscuu ken jesam vleemate, badhe yuuzh tintizhuuzh deefs al
yuum prozdizhuum kliyhiet gluefote. Yuu trazhmekh ist'osucuubz ken gadrate ke
retas tobye ken slofehr seduu shaesendou kuu, ghep yuu mad dosta'wanheksim
ken boh seduu nuwatuu pletuu.

"¡Jaakehr-daesa!" ta'zavbate Sam-loivjarhe. "Pok shlepiete tem boh ta'se
savindou? Pog da ciswhisa moghliseh isiy?" Fyel nales straacata Jaakra ye

Osucuu zhmekhizhuu loifen moghlutluu sekatuu, al druu jesam iscuu goeg kitlate
Sam-loivjarhe. "Mig da stosh Jaakra nabohstaf straacana tiy," dosta'zavbate
Sam-loivjarhe, "man tobyuu dan roup shistav mispano to alogh iscuu jesam les
asono retas yuush ton wadosac saj noi'haelnana da!"

Uuc yuu jarhizhuu lufel ken al yuu viejizhuu pouzuul ken shokrhate
Sam-loivjarhe!, alekh cuu Cohmpuun Fuej zhes yuu kan roub les a stigal Jaakra
oj boh grote.