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Re: basic question

From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Monday, June 11, 2001, 1:44
well maybe your right and definite distinction is not possible without
ache. i came up with it inspried by my grammar book which told me about
it, maybe the terms "abtract nouns/concrete nound" are just a
tendencies and not a fixed categorization.

MT> From: "claudio" <claudio.soboll@...>
>> you confront me with rare exceptions, but ok... >> "dragons" and "unicorns" are concrete terms because they describe >> imaginable "things". it doesnt matter if they exist or not. >> >> thats my opinion, >> abstraction in this context is characterized through its >> un-imaginableness. >> >> we could debate about feelings like "love" "valor" "passion", >> and man could say feelings are a kind of preception. >> >> i would reduce perception to the 5 biological senses excluding >> feelings. to get a sharp grisp avoiding cases of doubts.
MT> 5 senses? How about "quark" or "UV ray"? MT> Are "noise" and "light" concrete and "silence" and "darkness" abstract? MT> (Hmm...) MT> *Muke! MT> -- MT> regards, c.s.