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Re: ISO 2-letter codes for concultures

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 13, 2002, 23:44
Philip Newton wrote:
--> is a good list of what domains there
>are (and contains links to the registering agency, if known, in case >you want to go right ahead and register your Tajikistan domain ;) >
Well. The only countries I know of so far on Cindu are: Holunda, Holunda Velu ['new'], Andoli, Kavatu, and Bau Da (the main Gwr nation). Holunda: ho, hl, hd are all available Holunda Velu: hv (much more important than original Holunda; I suspect they would have demanded .ho) Andoli: dl ? (all the suitable a...'s are taken) Kavatu: kv, kt, ka are available Bau Da: no suitable b's available. da is available, but they wouldn't like that. An arbitrary combination? All this assumes they'd be using the Roman alphabet, which they wouldn't. In fact, there's a problem: the Kash would insist on their writing system, the Gwr on theirs-- rather as if there were (is to be?) competition Roman vs. Chinese or Japanese. There is no widely used language on Cindu corresponding to Engl. here. We will need _planet_ Cindu, te Terra?


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