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CHAT: How conlangers are treated by mortals (was: HELP: Is this sensible?)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Thursday, March 18, 2004, 18:44

I renamed the thread.  I don't think it's off-topic, since most people
have experienced how 'mortals' react when exposed to a conlanger. :-)
That's always fun. :-)

Carsten Becker <post@...> writes:
> > That's quite normal. :-) My first language (and I had to do it without > > the help of any other conlanger at that time) was very IE at first and > > then moved towards Finnish, then X, then Y and finally was something > > very unique. :-) > > The "depressing" bit is, Ayeri is my third attempt. OK - I'm conlanging > only since about Spring 2003, so about for a year.
Haha, but your first attempt, according to your home page, was still in 2003, right? You should not find it depressing if your conlangs do not yet get the structure you would like. Most people work on their conlangs for years, decades and whole lives before they like it and think they understand the internal structure. BTW, my current conlang has the internal name S7 -- the seventh language (Sprache Nr. 7). There are sketches S3, S4, S5, S6, S8 and S9 that I will probably never be able to get into good shape. Some are monsters, some are only a one-page experiment. It's only because they're in the CVS I did not throw them away. :-) Please, no depression on conlanging! We will eagerly answer the strangest questions until you are totally happy with your languages! :-)
> I gave up "Ve Segelm A Laighödhét" because it was an ugly sounding mess
Well, Fukhian, as I said, is still (after years of work) a mess wrt. sounds. And the letters of the alphabet is badly assigned to the sounds.
> and was bored of Daléian's very IE grammar and only [i] [a] and [e] as > vowels (but I managed to create a nicely looking writing system for it).
Why not -- that's nice. Tyl-Sjok only has unrounded vowels. It sounds very weird and you can speak it without moving your mouth (no labial sounds at all). :-)
> Ayeri is supposed to be more exotic because I wanted to broaden my mind > a bit. Simple and ear-pleasing phonology.
I never managed to make ear-pleasing languages myself...
> > That's a very, very good thing! :-) Learn Hungarian or Ithkuil! :-))) > > LOL! Finish or Estonian would also be considerable. Ithkuil is > unpronouncable if John Quijada hasn't simplified it since I had a look > at his pages when he mentioned Ithkuil the first time.
Yes, it's a lot of fun! :-)
> Oh well, so have a look at the Daléian alphabet!
Oh, indeed, it's a very nice script!
> Besides, when I showed a piece of Oriya writing that fell into my > hands some weeks ago to some of my classmates, they found it > intersting and really nice looking.
Same for me: the script they accepted and found interesting. :-) I got a t-shirt with a Fukhian text as a birthday present once. *Very* nice present! **Henrik


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