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Re: HELP: Is this sensible?

From:Carsten Becker <post@...>
Date:Thursday, March 18, 2004, 18:12
From: "Henrik Theiling" <theiling@...>
Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 10:34 PM
Subject: Re: HELP: Is this sensible?


> Carsten Becker <post@...> writes: > > I'd handle the verbs in the examples like English, yes. I guess I
> > stick far too much to the IE systems I'm used to. > > That's quite normal. :-) My first language (and I had to do it without > the help of any other conlanger at that time) was very IE at first and > then moved towards Finnish, then X, then Y and finally was something > very unique. :-)
The "depressing" bit is, Ayeri is my third attempt. OK - I'm conlanging only since about Spring 2003, so about for a year. I gave up "Ve Segelm A Laighödhét" because it was an ugly sounding mess and was bored of Daléian's very IE grammar and only [i] [a] and [e] as vowels (but I managed to create a nicely looking writing system for it). Ayeri is supposed to be more exotic because I wanted to broaden my mind a bit. Simple and ear-pleasing phonology. As for being so smart to think about phonology first, I read Pablo David Flores' and Mark Rosenfelder's Language Kits several times. And concerning my - I think farily good *) - knowledge of German and English grammar: My German/English teacher loved grammar more than anything else. It *was* boring and I did not like to learn it all, but somehow I managed though. Besides, my mother is translator for English and French and my father speaks it both quite fluently, although he has not studied it. So in a family of people having lots to do with language, it's no wonder I am also intersted in language. *) At least better than some of my classmates.
> > Yes, I'm addicted to case ;) > > That's a very, very good thing! :-) Learn Hungarian or Ithkuil! :-)))
LOL! Finish or Estonian would also be considerable. Ithkuil is unpronouncable if John Quijada hasn't simplified it since I had a look at his pages when he mentioned Ithkuil the first time.
> > *sigh* I thought I would have understood what triggers are about > > ... > > When I read the Tagalog book (the one I quoted the examples from) for > the first time, I could not believe people can handle that kind of > structure while speaking. :-) It took a while to see the difference to > voices in IE languages. But it is not too different on the other > hand.
Well, as Markus Miekk-oja (aka Miekko) said, "a good conlang cannot be created in one summer". That's right. Heh, for a good example see Quenya ...
> **Henrik > > PS: Your homepage says: 'Leider stie"s dieses Interesse an Linguistik > nur auf wenig Verst"andnis bei meinen Eltern und Klassenkameraden > :(' Haha! Start inventing a script and put signs in that script > everywhere in the house, especially a sign with your name on your > room's door. They'll get used to it. My parents and friends got > used to it, too. :-)))
Oh well, so have a look at the Daléian alphabet! I also made a nice looking True Type font for it. Besides, when I showed a piece of Oriya writing that fell into my hands some weeks ago to some of my classmates, they found it intersting and really nice looking. When I was writing something in Tengwar (Elvish) and Daléian on my desk during a boring lesson I also had to explain them briefly the writing systems in the break. They found it quite cool I think, a bit freaky though, but it was accepted. Phonology and grammar stuff is much too theoretical for many, especially the latter. These people only experienced that *learning* a language can be really painful and thus stamp me as a geek or how you may call it. If they knew how intersting *inventing* grammar can be ... and after all, you do not need to learn your language so that you can speak it fluently. But nevertheless I think it's easier to learn a language that you invented yourself and thus fully understand yourself in its structure etc. than learning a natlang or someone else's conlang. I guess it should be better to discuss this off-list privately? It's getting off-topic, that's why. Carsten


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