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Re: CHAT: subtitles [was: Re: Proto-Romance]

From:Thomas Leigh <thomas@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 24, 2004, 15:19
> I do remember being amused that the Dutch > subtitled Belgians.
I discovered this recently, and found it highly amusing. We get a Dutch-language channel (BVN) on the satellite TV, which I like to watch even though I don't understand anything, just because I love the sound of Dutch (the language has always felt very "comfortable" to me, like I *ought* to understand it even though I don't!). Anyway, there's this Belgian cop drama they show -- I forget the name, "Flikken" or something, maybe -- and it's all subtitled. Which is hilarious, because like 95% of it or more is absolutely identical. The occasional different word or expression, but that's it. It would be like taking a show from the UK on PBS and subtitling it into "American". I absolutely adore the Belgian accent though. Gorgeous. That cop show is probably my favorite show they have. Apart from that it's mostly language-oriented game shows (like "Lingo" and "Tien Voor Taal" -- the latter is great because it pits Dutchmen and Belgians against each other!) and choral singing shows ("Nederland Zingt" -- aaaigh!) Thomas