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Teeth (was: More weird phonemes)

From:DOUGLAS KOLLER <laokou@...>
Date:Thursday, February 24, 2000, 0:06
From: "Roger Mills"

> Christophe.Grandsire@BDE.ESPCI.FR writes: > > << NOTE: How do you call the different kinds of teeth in English and other > nat- and conlangs? In French, we have "incisives", "canines",
> and "molaires".
> In Kash: hici 'tooth, in genl.' -- hilica (+cut) 'incisor' -- hiraka
> 'molar'-- hirundet (+tear) 'canine; fang'. The word for 'bite' is
> kici, and kici-kici 'nibble, gnaw'. Their dentists may make finer > distinctions.
Okay, I'll bite ;) In Géarthnuns, the generic word for "tooth" is "nöiks". incisor - höilkanöiks (door tooth) canine - ngurebnöiks (dog tooth) premolar - böknézhenöiks (small chew tooth) molar - gaknézhenöiks (big chew tooth) wisdom tooth - ngagíörzhenöiks (wisdom tooth) baby tooth - nguraunöiks (milk tooth) Kou