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Re: Open questions on Chevraqis

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Thursday, August 2, 2001, 14:30
On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Henrik Theiling wrote:

> Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...> writes: > > My idea was that (as in Korean? and Japanese) the accented syllable has > > higher pitch. I didn't actually conceive of anything more complex. The > > rules for Japanese, if I understand the !@#$ thing correctly, are actually > > a bit more complicated than that, but I knew nothing formally about > > pitch-accent when I had the idea. :-/ > > Actually, I just bought `The Languages of Japan' and it tells me that > the Japanese pitch rules are not only more complex than your current > rule, but that they are also totally different from town to town. :-) > There seem to be towns that only have one pitch. That's quite > monotonic, then. :-)
Eek! Do they use something else instead...? My current rule is pretty lousy. I want to find out how Korean handles pitch accent (but the grammars I find in bookstores don't even seem to mention it, unlike most of the Japanese grammars I've seen--'course, with Japanese there are a lot *more* grammars to be had!) and see if it does anything differently. I swear I had the hardest time figuring out the "default" rules in my books until I saw a book that had lines above all the Japanese phrases for high and low pitch, and then I "got" the pattern. I'm slow. :-)
> One thing I liked was that obviously there are words that have the > accent after their last mora. So accents are theoretically not > assigned to morae in Japanese, but to mora boundaries (so for an > n-moraic word, there are n+1 possible accent positions).
Yes--that was quite neat. I'm still not quite sure how to handle pitches over sentences; I've been going through _Conversational Japanese_ and "resetting" to low pitch, but half the things I read sound funny because of the pitch. And that's really bizarre, because it certainly doesn't "sound funny" in Korean unless someone high-pitches the wrong syllable. :-p YHL