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Open questions on Chevraqis

From:Daniel Andreasson <rymddaniel@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 1, 2001, 14:42

I was checking the Chevraqis website (again :) after
Yoon Ha wrote the very nice template on how to describe
a language to non-conlangers/linguists. (I must say
you've done a great job with your own site Yoon Ha!)

Anyway. I have some question about Chevraqis. First
of all, how's Chevraqis pronounced? Or rather, how's
{ch} pronounced? It doesn't say at the site. I'm
guessing [tS]. That would make it ['tSevra?Is] right?

The other question concerns the pitch-accent and the
stress. "Accents work like trochées, counting from the
back, for an uninflected form, e.g. MIhara, AbRIoren."
Is this the same as stressing the antepenultimate,
i.e. third-to-last, or are there occasions when it's
not the same?

Do I understand correctly if the accented syllable
have a higher pitch/tone? How does pitch differ from
tone (apart from that tone-languages has a tone for
every syllable and pitch-accented doesn't)? Since
Swedish is pitch-accented (or is that tone-accent,
is there a difference? I'm suddenly very confused)
I have some personal experience with pitch-accent. :)
Is there no syllable with a stronger/louder tone? It's
just higher? Is there some sort of contour?

The voluntary/involuntary and personal/impersonal
distinctions are très cool and I (and the rest of
this list I think) are just waiting to see something
on verbs, etc.

||| daniel

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