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Re: Capitals in Greek (was: Re: Workshops Review #4)

From:Thomas Leigh <thomas@...>
Date:Thursday, January 16, 2003, 23:18
 > > > Capitals are used for proper nouns, and at the beginnings of
 > > > paragraphs or quotations, but not at the beginning of each
 > > > sentence.

 > > No, each sentence always begins with a capital letter.

 > All the Greek stuff I have floating around home written in the Modern
 > Greek alphabet would disagree with you. A book I have expressly
 > disagrees with you. Sentences don't begin with capital letters.
 > Tristan (son of erstwhile Theology student who learnt New Testament
 > Greek as a result)

All I can say is, that's bizarre. In every single Modern Greek text I
have ever seen — textbooks, newspapers, magazines, novels, web sites —
every sentence always begins with a capital letter, just as in virtually
all other European languages.

I don't own a reference grammar which gives capitalization rules, but
I'll try to remember to sneak a peek next time I'm in a bookshop and see
what they say.